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Structural Steel Fabrication

Industrial ventilation ductwork main with multiple branch lines, support steel and access doors

A Structural Steel Contractor Specializing in Industrial Ventilation

When your industrial ventilation project requires structural steel components, you want a partner who understands dust collection and has expertise in structural steel fabrication. That’s . While we excel at designing and building baghouse dust collectors, we don’t stop there. Our goal is to complete your ventilation project down to the last detail. And because we build and install hundreds of tons of structural steel components in industrial ventilation systems each year, you’ll benefit from our experience. We leverage that experience to fabricate structural steel ventilation components efficiently, passing those savings on to you.

Many Parts, One Vendor

Looking for a structural steel fabrication company to meet your dust collection system needs? From support structures to ductwork and stacks—we can tackle any project. That means you get a single point of contact to streamline your industrial ventilation project from design and engineering through installation. Ask us about:

Industrial ventilation ductwork main with multiple branch lines, support steel and access doors


Structural steel support for ductwork

Ductwork Support Stands

Structural steel stairway


Structural steel platform

Platforms and Catwalks

Material handling belt conveyor

Material Handling Components

With a complete structural steel system, you’ll be able to access your industrial exhaust stacks, ductwork and other ventilation system points to complete testing, maintenance and repair.

Industrial ductwork

Built for Longevity, Safety

You can count on our structural steel fabrication for its durability and safety features.

  • All structural steel is blast cleaned and painted to last longer and improve weld quality.
  • Platform surfaces are made of bar grating for strength and safety.
  • All handrails and stairs are designed to meet OSHA requirements.
  • Fall arrest provisions are provided where required.
Structural support for ductwork

Registered, Certified for Peace of Mind

You need to feel assured that your structural steel components are designed and built to the highest standards for safety. As a structural steel contractor specializing in industrial ventilation, we design all structural steel equipment and components to the . Design loads are based on , as well as any local building codes.

We also hold professional engineering registrations in several states and have certified welders on staff for those projects that require them.

Ventilation, Fabrication: We do it All

If your industrial ventilation project will require structural steel fabrication, simplify the process by using a structural steel fabrication company with deep industrial ventilation experience. Contact us today to get started.

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